We Would, We Could, and We Did – Crew Member Council September 2019

This latest Crew Member Council was finally held at our West Edge Factory in Huntington, West Virginia. Crew Members from all over the state gathered to listen and discuss their latest ventures in their personal and academic development, and also to build upon what they have learned thus far.

The beginning of the meeting was a showing of a safety training video detailing the dangers of working while fatigued. It was eye opening at how easily you can let yourself drift while being drowsy, and how not getting enough sleep is even equivalent to alcohol in your blood system. Crew Members discussed better sleep hygiene, especially since quite a few run power equipment. We strive for great safety with our crew, and definitely don’t want any accidents, especially if they are preventable by getting a couple extra hours of sleep. Everyone made an oath to get a better quality of sleep, including maybe putting the phone down closer to bed time.

Upstairs in the main factory, we were greeted by a blast from the past, Nellie Bly (An American journalist who was born in 1864, mostly known for travelling around the world in 72 days). Method actress JoAnn F. Peterson brought this amazing woman of history to life for our crew as she discussed the trials and tribulations a female writer and reporter had to go through in the late 1800s. It was an experience that took you back in time as you listened to her prepare and discuss how she travelled the world in a record-breaking 72 days. She closed with the quote, “I would, I could, and I did.” Nellie Bly “left” us, and JoAnn was available to answer our eager Crew Members who had many questions for both Nellie and JoAnn.

After lunch was the usual Show and Tell, where we had the enterprises discuss what was the latest happenings with their crew. Revitalize Appalachia talked of their future projects, and Saw’s Edge discussed their brand-new laser cutter with detailed plans and projects they were going to create with it. SustainU talked of their MASSIVE order they just finished, including shirts for Billie Eilish, a famous singer. After that, we were met with West Side Wraps, a program for prospects who want to get into fiber optic cabling, a strong career field that Southern West Virginia desperately needs. The infrastructure is dated, so there is a need for trained professionals to bring faster Internet to those areas. Show and Tell is always the favorite part of our Crew Member Councils, as everyone is very excited to discuss what they have been doing, and we are always excited to see their work. A strong sense of pride goes into each and every Crew Member and what they have accomplished.

We look forward to our future Crew Member Councils, as every month brings something new and exciting. Keep posted on our Facebook for upcoming announcements, and tune in to our Twitter as we live tweet throughout the day at each event. You can even read about our August Crew Member Council here. Thanks for following us as we grow and work towards a fuller potential, power, and purpose as we rebuild the Appalachian economy from the ground up.

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