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Rebuilding the Appalachian economy from the ground up.

We believe in developing the potential of Appalachian places and people as they experience challenging moments of economic transition by unlocking people’s creative power to transform perceived problems into opportunities in the communities we call home. We empower people to have faith in themselves to learn and grow. People who have never dreamed of earning a degree walk across the graduation stage with pride and work beside our employees improving our own communities in real, tangible ways, such as rehabilitating dilapidated buildings, repurposing abandoned mine lands, and starting new businesses.

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Local and Authentic Apparel
SustainU takes pride in providing clothing that is more eco-friendly and made in the USA. Our clothing is made from more sustainable materials and printed with non-toxic inks. As a part of Coalfield Development Corporation, SustainU plans to expand their mission even further to address social, economic, and environmental concerns in Appalachia.

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REalized Potential Social Enterprises
Social Enterprise and Economic Diversification (SEED) Partnerships
33-6-3 Workforce Development Model
Community-Based Real Estate Development
Strong Mountain Communities
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Without spirit, without willpower, without opportunities for overcoming structural barriers, a full life feels unattainable. It is the Coalfield Development Corporation’s belief that the cause of so many woes…

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We had a great day collaborating with fellow Social Entrepreneurs and Stand Together Catalyst partners from Attack Poverty. #StandTogether #CoalfieldDevelopment #AttackPoverty #Mercygoods #Catalyst #Collaboration #Povertyalleviation @Attack poverty @standtogether @mercygoods

Our vision is Appalachian places and people unlocking their full potential, power, and purpose.
☑️33 hours of paid work
☑️6 credit hours of higher education
☑️3 hours of personal development mentorship
This is our 33.6.3 model.

How do we Grow Social Enterprises?
Coalfield incubates and grows a family of social enterprises in sectors it believes have the potential to diversify the regional economy and create good jobs.

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To support a family of social enterprises that inspire the courage to grow, activate the creativity to transform perceived liabilities into assets, and cultivate the community needed for real opportunity in Appalachia through mentorship, education, and employment.