Herald-Dispatch Recognizes Fort Gay project!

A recent Herald-Dispatch editorial has indicated the New Day in Fort Gay project merits full consideration! Check it out!


Quality Homes, Quality Jobs Act

Executive Director Brandon Dennison spoke with the Charleston Daily Mail about Coalfield Development Corporation's "Quality Homes, Quality Jobs Act" which proposes coupling housing and job training opportunities. Read the story here: http://www.charlestondailymail.com/News/201311240039

Coalfield crew member addresses legislative committee

On Sept. 25, 2013, QJI crew member Josh Napier addressed the West Virginia Legislature's Senate Select Committee on Children and Poverty as part of the "Our Children, Our Future" campaign. We have put the full text of his remarks on our website, and we would love for you to read his very moving speech.

New Section: Broad Aspirations

We have launched a new section of our website called "broad aspirations". We firmly believe in both our values and in long-term thinking. Therefore, we have set long-term goals for our organization, and we would like to share them with you. Go to the "Why We Do It" section, and you'll find our broad aspirations on the menu. You'll find our aspirations listed, along with links that will take you to a page further explaining each.

We are excited to share our long-term vision with you!

New Contact Information

Coalfield Development Corporation has a new phone number: 304-501-4755.

Urlings renovation under way

Our deconstruction/renovation project at the old Urlings General Store building in downtown Wayne is now under way. Coalfield Development Corporation is acting as developer in a $1 million renovation of this structure. This will create office space for community organizations, affordable housing for several Wayne County residents, and bring a new energy downtown.

Second crew hired!

We are pleased to announce we have hired a second Quality Jobs Initiative (QJI) crew. We are excited to have Fort Gay, W.Va., residents Bon Robertson and Justin Wallace with us as we continue to grow and expand. We have also hired another assistant crew chief, Jennifer Whittington of Salt Rock, W.Va., to supervise them. We are thrilled to have someone with Jennifer's extensive experience in carpentry and home renovation. Learn more about Jennifer, Bon, and Justin by visiting our staff and crew pages!

New Page Section: What We Are Thinking About

We have launched a new section titled "What We Are Thinking About". Basically, these relate to issues and policies which affect the communities we serve. The first page we have added under this section is a policy paper AmeriCorps VISTA Amelia Pridemore has written about abandoned and diladpidated buildings in West Virginia, which has become a major issue in this state.

We look forward to adding more to this section in the future!

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