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Our Blog is a reflection of the endeavors of Coalfield Development, its social enterprises and the passion of our people through courage, creativity and community to rebuild the Appalachian economy from the ground up.

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We are launching a new podcast!

We have some exciting news to share with you! After years of inspiring conversations and powerful stories on our podcast, “Change in the Coalfields,” we are embarking on a brand-new journey with our upcoming podcast, “Coalfields Reimagined.”

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Brandon’s Labor Day Remarks in Matewan

I want to share my thoughts and reflections on Labor Day. I think it’s a very important and special day. It’s meant to be a long weekend of rest and spending time with family, but I think it’s important to stop and reflect on all the workers who have given us the communities we have and the lives that we have lived.

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MLK Remembrance 2023

Over the past year the Coalfield Development team explored history: our own personal history, our region’s history, our country’s history, and our organization’s efforts at making history.

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