Labor Day Celebration! – Crew Member Council August 2019

Crew Member Council was a little different this month. On August 29, our company gathered at West Edge Factory in Huntington to celebrate a great holiday that means very much to us at Coalfield Development – Labor Day!

The event started with Brandon Dennison giving a thoughtful speech about what makes our company special and how important the work is that each crew does in stabilizing the communities throughout the state. He talked about self determination and how each and every member of Coalfield Development brings something very unique and strong to their work and how that’s what makes a powerful impact. Seeing team members and their families engage with one another in such a celebratory environment was very heart warming.

Next we got to hear from our crews! Each team had the chance to showcase projects they’ve been working on throughout the year. This was a great opportunity for them to not only reveal their incredible projects to their families and friends, but it was also a chance for them to reflect on the work themselves and really understand how appreciated they are and the difference they make in their communities and in Coalfield Development.

Hearing the passion from each team as they described the challenges they faced with each project and how they overcame them was a true highlight of the evening. It told us a great deal about how well each team works together to solve problems and how regardless what challenges a project brings, working together is a guaranteed way to achieve their goals! Celebrating the hard work and accomplishments of our team is one of the greatest pleasures we have as an organization. We are truly grateful to be among such strong and capable individuals who bring a great deal of integrity and discipline to their work.

We definitely have to take a moment to acknowledge how wonderful the food was. There was a very nice centerpiece in the room lined with some beautiful cupcakes. And by the way, they tasted just as good as they looked!

We concluded our evening with some live music! We even got the chance to hear one of our very own team members offer up a unique style of hiphop fused with Appalachian themed songs! It was a real treat to not only showcase the great work we’re putting forth as a company, but also get to hear what some of the great musical artists in our area have to offer as well.

This was a very special event as it gave us the chance to look inside and appreciate not only the fact that we are making strides as a team, but also that we have this wonderful opportunity to unitize our skills and make a difference in the communities we love dearly. We celebrated Labor Day the best way we know how, together!

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