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Meet Our Strategic Partners

Coalfield Development Strategic Partners

Incubating and Growing Employment-Based Social Enterprises:

We wholly or partially own a family of employment-based social enterprises designed to diversify the regional economy to be less dependent on coal. By “employment-based” we mean enterprises that exist for the purpose of advancing the well-being of its employees, which we do primarily through our personal and academic development programming. Our enterprise’s successes are measured according to a triple bottom line: people, planet, profit. Revenue from our social enterprises enables our organization create hundreds of jobs and to be less grant-dependent and more financially sustainable. Our communities are severally economically distressed as result of over-reliance on the coal industry. Therefore, creating new businesses is critical to realizing our vision; otherwise, our trainees and graduates would often have nowhere to put their new training and credentials to use.

Key Partners:

  • Central Appalachian Network 
  • Unlimited Future, Inc.
  • Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Ashoka
  • Draper Richards Kaplan Fund

Personal and Academic Development for People Facing Barriers to Full Employment:

Coalfield Development trains unemployed people in modern workforce skills. Throughout the year, we facilitate dozens of learning opportunities for community members. Our network of employers ensures our training is relevant to their needs. This way, graduates of our training can quickly find gainful employment and our local businesses can have an effective workforce with which to grow. Our most in depth opportunity is for the personal and academic development of our crew members who staff our social enterprises. Crew members work our 33-6-3 model. Each week, crew members complete 33 hours of paid work, 6 credit hours of higher education, and 3 hours of personal development mentorship. At the end of their 2.5 year contract, crew members earn an Associates Degree and gain traction on life goals.

Key Partners:

  • Mountwest Community and Technical College
  • Southern Community and Technical College
  • Marshall University
  • WVU Health and Science
  • West Virginia Sober Living

Community-Based Real Estate Development:

As a licensed general contractor, Coalfield Development can advance bold, creative projects in deep collaboration with the communities we serve. Our projects are designed and ultimately owned by the community. We keep a project pipeline full and advance projects through this pipeline beginning with predevelopment and financing, entering into construction, and then into operation as community assets. Our projects are mixed-use, mixed-income, meaning they blend residential and commercial purposes for a variety of different income demographics, thus also contributing to economic diversification and opportunity cultivation. Our construction crew is also a social enterprise, having 33-6-3 crew members as carpenters. Rejuvenating empty buildings or former mine-lands can be a major strategy for breathing new life into our communities, preserving cultural treasurers, attracting fresh investment, providing opportunities for entrepreneurship and creating quality, affordable housing.

Key Partners:

  • West Virginia Carpenters Union
  • CommunityWorks in West Virginia
  • FAHE
  • West Virginia Community Development Hub
  • Reclaiming Appalachia Coalition