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Coalfield acquired the Black Diamond property in 2019. After community outreach and a grant application to the US Environmental Protection Agency, Coalfield received funding through the EPA Brownfields Program. This grant will help Coalfield pay for a Licensed Remediation Specialist to plan and carry out the environmental clean-up onsite, all with the approval of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.
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As many neighbors and Westmoreland residents know, the property has had a long and interesting history of different companies operating onsite. While currently vacant and needing proper care, many of the interior spaces can provide new opportunities for job creation, while becoming an asset for the community.

The Clean-up

In 2020, Coalfield contracted with the Thrasher Group, Inc, an engineering and environmental consulting firm. Thrasher will work with the WVDEP’s Voluntary Remediation Program, and provide additional site investigation and remediation plans. Thrasher is a WV-based firm, with headquarters in Bridgeport and additional offices in Charleston and Beckley.

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One of the first steps in the clean-up process will involve confirming what types of contaminants are present. Based on past historic uses and previous environmental studies at the site, the following potential contaminants of concern may exist at the site:

In an effort to better understand potential contamination from past historic uses at the Black Diamond site, we will be undertaking the following environmental sampling activities:

Soil Sampling

Additional soil samples will be collected to better determine areas for removal or capping of surface soils determined to be contaminated on site.

Groundwater Sampling

Additional permanent groundwater wells will be installed inside the fence line of the Black Diamond property, along Park Avenue. This will help to determine if contaminated groundwater is migrating toward Park Avenue. These permanent wells can be used to obtain additional samples in the future and to monitor and potentially treat groundwater in the future.
To accomplish groundwater well installation, a drill rig will be used on site to push metal well casings into the ground approximately 40 feet. This activity would take place during normal working hours between 8am-5 pm. You may see site activity with trucks and the drill rig toward the end of March.

Soil Vapor Sampling

Soil Vapor sampling has never been conducted at the site. This measures if future workers at the property could be exposed to organic vapors coming up from the soils or groundwater. Additional soil vapor samples will be collected across from the site along the grassed tree lawn between Park Avenue and the sidewalk.

This process will use a drill rig to push a 5 foot hollow rod into the soil. This same hole will be used to obtain the soil vapor sample. The holes will be backfilled and the sampling area will be returned to normal upon completion. The drill rig will need access to the strip of grass between the road and sidewalk along Park Avenue to conduct the soil vapor sampling. You may see the drill rig or possibly hear the rig working over the course of 1-2 days during normal business hours between 8am-5pm towards the end of March.

What happens after that?

All the samples collected at the site will be sent to an environmental laboratory to determine if any chemicals are present and the level of chemical present in the samples. Based on the laboratory results, Thrasher will then formulate a remediation plan that may consist of any of the following:

  • Removing soil from the site for disposal
  • Covering areas of the site with rock, asphalt or concrete to prevent rain water from washing it away and to keep remaining soils buried.
  • Placing a Landuse Covenant that states the site can only be used for commercial/industrial uses and preventing the use of groundwater for drinking or industrial use.

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