Revitalize Appalachia by Coalfield Development exists to work alongside Appalachians to revitalize their full potential, power and purpose through employment and training in green construction projects which energize communities at a financially self-sustaining rate.

We Execute community-based construction projects with new techniques, designs and technology.

Revitalize Appalachia develops the green-collar construction workforce through on-the-job training in modern construction techniques. Tangible community projects are completed in mostly vacant and abandoned buildings. Our work-crews see the construction aspects across Coalfield Development’s family of enterprises through to completion. We focus on improving environmental remediation practices and policies and Coalfield’s real estate portfolio totals approximately 600,000 square feet of property.

Revitalize Appalachia is improving the economy of southern West Virginia and Appalachia, by training the future workforce. These crew members learn new skills and abilities that will provide them with the opportunity to get gainful employment or they will gain enough skills and entrepreneurial spirit to branch out on their own and start their own company in their hometown. Coalfield has developed, and owns, a wide variety of properties throughout Southern West Virginia. This includes rural multifamily housing; mixed-use commercial and community facilities; and former industrial locations.

On-the-job training

Revitalize began as a way to provide “Quality Homes, Quality Jobs, Quality Lives” to unemployed and underemployed young adults in Wayne County.  We soon began to realize that this was replicable and other surrounding counties were in need of the same opportunity just as much. So, it soon expanded to Lincoln and Mingo County and has been providing quality on-the-job construction training and educational opportunities ever since. We are a licensed General Contractor in the state of WV. The jobs we get and complete aren’t simply set up as a “training facility.” It’s REAL work on REAL projects. Our trainees aren’t learning in “perfect conditions,” but in real scenarios. They not only learn to construct and work on projects, but work with real customers and clients to provide a real service to not only the owner, but most of the time creating an asset to the very community they live and work in.

TRAINING: Crew members learn basic construction knowledge, including but not limited to: framing, finish work, drywall, floor, renovation and restoration, light electrical, light plumbing, light HVAC (all in a shadowing experience with licensed subcontractors in their perspective fields). The also learn how to understand and utilize blueprints and specification manuals.

Crew members learn basic construction scheduling practices, estimating and budgeting, as well as coordination between subcontractors and interfacing directly with customers/clients.

Crew members also receive certifications in: HAZWOPER, Safety and First Aid, Lead RRP, Asbestos Abatement (supervisor initial training course), Mold Remediation and Awareness, Clandestine Drug Lab Remediation.

All crew members also receive 3 hours per week of Personal Development Training.

Plans for the future

We are excited about the future of Revitalize Appalachia! We see more projects coming in each and every county we work in and the community really rallies around our crews and the projects we do.

Revitalize Appalachia will improve the economy of southern West Virginia and Appalachia, because we are training the future workforce. These crew members will learn new skills and abilities that will provide them with the opportunity to get gainful employment in the area for a company or even better, they will gain enough skills and entrepreneurial spirit to branch out on their own and perhaps start their own company right in their hometown. This changes the economy in Appalachia, because we are helping to keep people here and giving them the skills and opportunities to create a life at home after they complete our program. This means that not only in the short term, but long term as well, that people will stay at home in their communities and spend money here, on locally owned businesses. Therefore, allowing the local economy to not only change, but thrive.

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Revitalize Appalachia is always eager to hear from those who are interested in coordinating and executing community-based projects. Contact us today to see how you can get involved or for more information!