Where Cool Stuff Happens – Coalfield Council Day

On October 25th, our crews gathered at our headquarters at West Edge Factory in Huntington, WV, for our monthly Coalfield Council Day meeting. It was a very productive meeting for us as we used this time to regroup and be welcomed in to our new space at West Edge.

Our Director of Personal and Academic Development Kelli Crabtree kicked the day off by welcoming us all in to our new headquarters. Kelli gave a very thoughtful speech about feeling welcome and how important it is to remind ourselves of what we’re thankful for each day. This was a great way to start the day! It gave each of us the opportunity to remind ourselves how fortunate we are to have a room full of very hardworking people, all with unique skills and personalities. Focusing on this at the start of our Coalfield Council Day set the perfect tone for the rest of the meeting.

We then had the pleasure of meeting Marshall University’s Sabrina Thomas and Sarah Mollette. They offered very helpful insight into the world of online information and how utilizing the Internet to search for things can be a bit tricky. We participated in an exercise in which we all looked at a photo and then had to decide whether or not it was real or fake. Judging by the ratio of responses we all gave, it was clear to see that using caution when searching the web for information is a very helpful practice. As our team grows, so does our methods of communicating and staying connected. The Internet is a great place for practicing those new methods. We’re very thankful to have had the time with Sabrina and Sarah to show us some things to avoid as well as ways to maximize our time productively when using the Internet.

With our crews staying as busy as they do, they don’t get the chance to see just how big of an impact their work makes. Our Conservation Coordinator, Jacob Hannah showed us some great examples of the strides we’ve made in conservation and also what we can do moving forward to ensure that we’re maximizing our efforts.

Later that day, our crews got the chance to showcase some of the work they’ve been doing. It’s always very inspirational to see what they do and to hear about their projects directly from them!

This Coalfield Council Day reminded us how important and special it is that we have each other, that we get to spend our days working hand in hand with some of the most skilled and motivated people in the state. We’re very excited for the future here at Coalfield Development and we’re also very excited for the next Coalfield Council Day!

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