What We Love About Coalfield

It’s no secret that we love what we do at Coalfield Development – our passion for economic development, mentorship shines through every day. But since Valentine’s Day is here, here are three things we love about the important work we’re doing at Coalfield.

  1. Rebuilding communities and economies. Our social enterprises give back to their local communities, which means we’re helping to rebuild Appalachian economies from the ground up…sometimes literally. Our enterprise Revitalize Appalachia is restoring older or abandoned structures to be used as office spaces or house. Refresh Appalachia plants the seeds of health and wellness with gardens and helps build the local economy by selling their produce at farmer’s markets. Saws Edge Woodshop and SustainU use their creativity to sell products that goes directly back into the local economy. We’re proud of the hard work our social enterprises do to help rebuild Appalachian communities and economies.
  2. Building relationships. We get to build relationships with everyone who walks through our doors. Whether working with a Coalfield enterprise is one step in their road to a larger goal or a way to gain experience for a long-term plan, we get to help people who may have fallen on hard times or have experienced discover their full potential. Personal and academic development is important to us. Each crew member earns an Associate’s degree at the end of their two-and-a-half-year contract with us, meaning they’ll be prepared to go on to find a job or continue their education in a field they are passionate about. Whether someone comes to Coalfield looking for a job or as an opportunity for more growth, we’re able to help them figure out the right path.
  3. Changing the narrative. We help change the narrative of Appalachia. While naysayers may see our region as a dying one or our people as uneducated, we’re working hard to provide our communities and crew members with the support they need to be a positive force of change in Appalachia.

We could go on and on about why we love Coalfield. Through mentorship, education, and employment we’re happy to be the change we want to see in Appalachia. What do you love about Coalfield Development?

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