Saws Edge Team Renovates Children’s Museum Gift Shop

Saws Edge Woodshop takes on first project at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

Saws Edge Woodshop was recently featured in a news article by Danielle Okonta of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on September 11, 2018 for work performed at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. Below is an excerpt from the story:

Visitors this week to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh will see a renovated gift shop with new handmade furniture that’s been created by former coal miners and industrial workers.

It was the first project of the Saw’s Edge Woodshop, based in Huntington, W.Va.  An enterprise of Coalfield Development’s Rediscover Appalachia, the crew is made up of former miners and industrial workers who have been retrained in woodworking.

Some notable creations in the North Side museum’s gift shop include a new cash-wrap counter and custom bench. The space is more accommodating to customers with disabilities and easier to navigate by sales associates. Many of the toys, games and stuffed animals are now placed on lower shelving and in floor bins to make them more accessible to young children. Old materials in the store have been moved to Saw’s Edge, where they will be repurposed for future projects.