Roadtrip Nation’s “Rerouting” Explores Non-Traditional Pathways to Success

Roadtrip Nation’s “Rerouting” is a new documentary featuring three job seekers, Dana, Bernita, and Jeremy, at a critical point in their lives. Each of their careers have been derailed by automation, falling wages, and loss of retirement funds and without a college education they feel left behind by a changing economy. Coalfield Development’s Founder Brandon Dennison along with Refresh Appalachia Crew Member Wilburn Jude and Property Manager Luke Huffman are featured in this incredible documentary as they discuss their goals and experiences in making a way toward a better future.

“You can always change your outlook on life. If you don’t like the path you’re on, you can go to something new… if you really try.” – Wilburn Jude, Crew Member, Refresh Appalachia.

“You have to set aside your ego. It’s not about getting the credit; it’s about how can we truly move the needle on these really big problems,” affirmed Brandon Dennison, “We’re asking Southern West Virginia to think differently.” Coalfield Development trains unemployed people in modern workforce skills. Throughout the year, Coalfield Development facilitates dozens of learning opportunities for community members making Personal and Academic Development a Core Capability of the program.

Follow this road trip across the nation! Although we do not know what the future holds, it’s clear that opportunities are just around the bend awaiting those determined to make a difference.

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