Potential, Power and Purpose – Crew Member Council July 2019

July Crew Member Council was at the normal meeting area in Huntington, WV and it was a beautiful day. It opened with Brandon Dennison instilling in people words of encouragement. Every Crew Member Council is always centered around how crew members are finding and unlocking their full potential, power and purpose.

“Care for yourself, so you can care for others. Coalfield is bigger than any one self.” – Brandon Dennison

The activity after the morning announcements was around Creative Placemaking. Crew members crowded around in groups to brainstorm across different enterprises to find out the best way to make their community better, magnify the impact, and find out the long-term improvements they can create across Appalachia together.

Creative Placemaking is an evolving field of practice that intentionally leverages the power of the arts, culture and creativity to serve a community’s interest while driving a broader agenda for change, growth and transformation in a way that also builds character and quality of place.

Crew members then discussed what they had came up with in their groups, the guest speaker arrived. It was Dr. George Davis, Professor of Political Science at Marshall University. He spoke on why citizenship is so important, and why you need to go out and vote. Did you know you can vote online in West Virginia? If you aren’t registered to vote, you can do so here. It was a great discussion on how your vote could make a difference in not just the major elections, but how the local elections have a much bigger impact on your life.

After lunch, there was another discussion of how Coalfield Development has made a difference in crew members’ lives. Everyone talked about the changes and differences in families, communities and selves since joining Coalfield Development. It was great to hear such positive impacts that it has on their lives.

And always, the Crew Member Council closed with show and tell, where each social enterprise showcases the work they have been doing in the past month or so. It was another great Crew Member Council empowering the crew members to continue the great work they have been doing. It really makes you think on how you can improve yourself, and find your full POTENTIAL, POWER AND PURPOSE!

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