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October Professional Theme – Teamwork

Eli Camden “Cam” Henderson

Every month, we pick a Professional and Personal Theme for the Crew Members, so that they can apply this to their work and development. For the month of October, the themes chosen are “Teamwork” for the Professional, and “Integrity” for the Personal. In this blog, we will talk about the West Virginian who exemplifies the latter, Eli Camden “Cam” Henderson.

We all know that the key factor in every sport win is teamwork. A highly decorated player and coach is a perfect candidate for our West Virginian of the Month. Cam Henderson is a Marshall University sports legend, who grew up in Marion County, West Virginia. He was a triple threat, who played football, basketball, and football. He attended Glenville State College, Glenville State Normal College at the time, where he developed his love for basketball and football. After graduation, he began his coaching career and became a principal at a Bristol High School in 1911, a school that did not even have an athletics program.

There, he developed the inaugural athletic program and a gymnasium was built. It was built so poorly, Henderson had to adapt his coaching skills and his team to work around the leaky ceilings and holes in the floor. Because of this, he had developed new formations and plays that remain even in modern games by college and NBA teams. His developments in the early ages of these sports kickstarted teams to adapt and create plays to implement teamwork, thus creating the sense of camaraderie we see in sports today.

Teamwork is prevalent in sports because it wins games. Talent is great to have, but if your entire team refuses to work together because they think they and them alone are the best, you will surely fail. In a workforce, you will find yourself constantly working with others, even if you prefer to do it alone.

Think about ways you can improve your contribution as a team member. What is one way that your crew as a whole can improve its ability to work as a team? If Cam Henderson can adapt his plays and condition his team to achieve countless victories, what can you do to ensure you and your fellow crew members achieve your own? We hope Cam’s story inspires you to think differently and that you can lift your teammates high so that you, too, can rise with them.

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