What is Farmer PRIDE?

The Farmer PRIDE Coalition is the region’s first Coalition built of, by, and for the support of the LGBTQ+ community in the Agricultural sector.

Founded in 2023, Farmer PRIDE is designed to provide accessible, reliable, and holistic support to farmers, gardeners, growers, agroforesters, and others working in our local food system who identify as LGTBQ+.

Core Identities

The Farmer PRIDE Coalition is a celebration of three core identities:

1. Pride in
being a Farmer

2. Pride in
being Appalachian

3. Pride in
being LGBTQ+

Join the Coalition

The Farmer PRIDE Coalition is an open space for all members of the LGBTQ+ community. Those seeking to learn how to better support our shared community are welcome and encouraged to reach out.

No matter your experience level, from beginning farmer to experienced mentor, Farmer PRIDE aims to offer opportunities for engagement, education, and fun!

Supporting Appalachia:

A donation – of any cash amount, your time, or your energy – goes a long way to help spread the word. Use the QR codes below to donate, join, or learn more!

How to Get Involved

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