Criticize Once, Praise Twice – Crew Member Council May 2019

May’s Crew Member Council was all about celebrating our crew members and how far they have come. We had 3 graduates this year, Chris Estepp, Christian Burns, Wilburn Jude – our Coalfield Champions, and were excited to share the news and celebration with everyone. Throughout the morning, we discussed personal and academic achievements and completed personal evaluations as a reminder of how we all face trials and errors, but these hurdles are what helps each and every one of us grow and learn.

Photo: Kelli announcing celebrations and the schedule for the Crew Member Council.

During the council, crew members lined up to begin their activity of finding leadership qualities that they deem important in a person. After everyone raced to fill out as many traits as possible, crew members then discussed how they could apply those same traits to themselves to become better leaders.

Photo: Crew members discuss what they find most important in a leader.

Bill Bissett, guest speaker and President of Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce, furthered the discussion by talking on our monthly theme “Optimism”. Bissett gave a great presentation on ways to find and achieve optimism. We were grateful to the wisdom he had to share and it was a very impactful presentation for all of us.

Some key points to finding optimism:

  • When you need to make a decision, make a decision
  • Criticize once, praise twice
  • If you think it’s wrong, it probably is
  • Find what makes you happy
  • Be grateful and count your blessings


Wrapping up the day was continued celebrations of our Coalfield Champions. We discussed their achievements and how proud we were to see how far they have come. We also did show and tell where each enterprise showcased their current projects. Check out our Instagram to see all of their amazing works!

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