Coalfield Development, Solar Holler featured in Green American Magazine

In the Summer 2019 issue of Green American Magazine “The Green Economy at Work”, advocates of more sustainable industries show how rural communities can experience economic gains while creating new opportunities by transitioning to clean energy focused models. Reflecting on the struggles Appalachian residents face economically, socially and environmentally, Brandon Dennison explained that Coalfield Development models a “new and better and more sustainable economy” for the region.
“There’s a social and environmental angle. I also think there are real business opportunities in the green economy, and so we’re trying to seize on those,” Dennison went on to explain. Coalfield Development attracts students out of vocational high schools, unemployment offices, local Department of Health and Human Services offices, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families offices. As of July 2019, Coalfield Development serves as a prime example of positive change for Appalachia and has trained over 850 crew members in new economic sectors, created over 200 new jobs, been a part of starting and supporting 40 new businesses, and redeveloped over 190,000 square feet of formerly abandoned property.
Another company immersed in finding more sustainable solutions to revitalize the local economy is Solar Holler, a full service solar developer and installer and social enterprise investment partner of Coalfield Development. Founder and CEO Dan Conant describes the partnership with Coalfield Development as a way to meet the demand in West Virginia stating, “The program gave folks that we were working with a chance to stay at home and not have to leave the state to get a job.”
To read the full article from Green American Magazine “The Green Economy at Work” on Coalfield Development and other forward thinking companies as they share stories about how the clean energy transition can impact rural Appalachia and other communities across America, visit

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