Coalfield Development Team Member

Meet Jacob Israel Hannah

Jacob I. Hannah

Chief Executive Officer

Coalfield Development Corp.

As of Jan. 2024, Jacob Israel Hannah is Coalfield Development’s CEO. Previously, Jacob held the role of Chief Conservation Officer at Coalfield Development since 2018. With 3 generations of coal mining in his family, and a 5th generation West Virginian, Jacob integrates an empathetic and grounded approach to the strategy of triple-bottom line sustainability; balancing People, Planet, and Prosperity in harmony with each other with a lens towards a fair and just transition. 

Jacob’s background intersects the throughline of environmental considerations with social wellbeing and economic development.

Jacob has consulted on Just Transition principles at The White House, The World Bank, and the Clean Energy Ministerial. He holds a bachelor’s degree as a first-generation graduate in the study of Sustainability Management from Bucknell University, and an associate’s degree in Business Administration from Garrett College. 

If you’d like to reach Jacob, you can either find him foraging on his mountaintop farm way out Wayne County, WV, harvesting memes and morel mushrooms, or via email at jhannah(at)