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  • P.O. Box 1133 Wayne, WV 25570
  • 304-501-4755

Bio: Jacob Israel Hannah

Meet Jacob Israel Hannah

Hometown: Kelly Knob, WV

Jacob grew up homeschooled on a mountaintop farm with his 6 siblings where he learned the appreciation of stewarding clean water, sustainable agroforestry, hunting, and the bond between man, mountain, and maker. Before joining Coalfield Development, Jacob spent time renovating dilapidated houses in Davis, WV and worked as a Lineman with Full Circle Concepts. After getting an associate’s degree as a first generation student in Business Management from Garrett College and a Bachelor’s in Management for Sustainability from Bucknell University, Jacob studied cultural sustainability in France and Scotland for 6 months. Testing out his triple-bottom line sustainability concepts, Jacob spent 3 years developing revitalization initiatives for coal towns in central Pennsylvania, and food security programs in Western Maryland. Now he is Coalfield Development’s very first Conservation Coordinator, focusing on creating innovative ways to protect and incorporate wild, wonderful, West Virginia into the new and bright future.

Jacob enjoys spending his time writing music on his guitar and piano, getting lost in the woods, spending time with his family, and harvesting fresh dank memes from the internet.

Favorite Quote: “Per ardua ad alta” (Latin: “Through trials to the heights”) – The Hannah Family ancestral Scottish motto.

Fun Fact: As a Lineman, I got electrocuted with 7,000 volts, but I still haven’t gotten any superpowers yet.

Personal Motto: Opportunity is in greatest supply where there is none.

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