• P.O. Box 1133 Wayne, WV 25570
  • 304-501-4755
  • P.O. Box 1133 Wayne, WV 25570
  • 304-501-4755

Community-Based Real Estate Development

As a licensed general contractor, Coalfield Development can advance bold, creative projects in deep collaboration with the communities we serve. Our projects are designed and ultimately owned by the community. We keep a project pipeline full and advance projects through this pipeline beginning with predevelopment and financing, entering into construction, and then into operation as community assets. Our projects are mixed-use, mixed-income, meaning they blend residential and commercial purposes for a variety of different income demographics, thus also contributing to economic diversification and opportunity cultivation. Our construction crew is also a social enterprise, having 33-6-3 crew members as carpenters. Rejuvenating empty buildings or former mine-lands can be a major strategy for breathing new life into our communities, preserving cultural treasurers, attracting fresh investment, providing opportunities for entrepreneurship and creating quality, affordable housing.

From the Ground Up

We work with community groups, leaders, and partner organizations to develop mixed-use residential and commercial real estate projects with a social impact. Coalfield Development owns three rural multi-family housing properties and has an in-house construction crew. We believe that safe, decent, and affordable housing is one of the very first steps to a quality life. If one does not have a proper home to return to at the end of the day, their role as an employee, student, or person in general is inhibited from being performed to its highest potential.

Coalfield Development staff are always scanning for more opportunities for mixed-use, mixed-income revitalization projects. Rejuvenating downtowns can be a major strategy for breathing new life into our communities, preserving cultural treasurers, attracting fresh investment, providing opportunities for entrepreneurship and creating quality, affordable housing. Coalfield Development is the current owner of three rural multi-family rental facilities. Coalfield Development also operates as developer for revitalization projects that assist in empowering low wealth people and communities. Currently, Coalfield Development is developing sites that will provide community empowerment space, commerce hubs, rental units and Airbnb rentals.


Moreover, Coalfield Development completes developments primarily through partnerships with other organizations. We feel that relationships and partnerships are a key part of life and therefore heavily incorporate it into our development process. With partnerships come diversified points of view, years and types of experience, and a stronger likelihood that a project will succeed. It is collaboration at its best, and we take pride in the many partnerships we have formed over the years.

Current and Completed Projects

Twelvepole Valley Apartments

2373 Spring Valley Drive, Huntington, WV 25704

19,256+ sq. ft. rental space/2 acres

The property was an eighteen unit, USDA 515 property facing foreclosure in Wayne County. Coalfield was able to purchase the property. A total of twelve of the existing eighteen units have gone through rehabilitation, while the latter six were deconstructed and are being replaced with 8 new units. Coalfield Development, General Contractor.

Building A/B (Multifamily)

Call 304.429.1995 to schedule an appointment or submit your application to: 2373 Spring Valley Drive, Huntington, WV 25704

Building C (Special Needs)

Submit your application to the Housing Authority of Wayne County: Attention: Brett A. Jones, PO Box 695, Wayne, WV 25570

The Urlings Building

524 Hendricks Street, Wayne, WV 25570

10,000 sq. ft./.25 acre

The Old Urlings General Store, now provides the Town of Wayne with five affordable housing units, a coffee shop, along with offices for the Housing Authority of Wayne County (HAWC) and the Wayne County Family Resource Network (FRN ). Construction efforts have been taken to make the structure as environmentally- friendly as possible. The property opened for business during fall of 2015. Coalfield Development, General Contractor.

Courtyard Apartments

312 Hall Street, Wayne, WV 25570

4,725 sq. ft.

The property is comprised of seven rental units that are conveniently located near the courthouse in Wayne. The one and two bedroom units are home to low-income families. A HOME Funds grant of $242,000 is funding the rehabilitation of the rental units. Coalfield Development, General Contractor.

Victorville Apartments

8201 Anna Avenue, Hamlin, WV 25523

20,285 sq. ft. rental space/1.13 acre

The property is a twenty-four unit, USDA 515 property constructed in 1986, that was facing foreclosure. Coalfield was able to purchase the Lincoln County property in March, 2017 and has submitted for $100,000 through SALP funding with the WVHDF to address the CNA issues that are high priority. A Federal Home Loan Bank application for rehabilitation, in the amount of $460,000 will be submitted in August to address the remaining necessary rehabilitation issues.

West Edge Factory

1040 Vernon Street, Huntington, WV 25701

96,000 sq. ft./4 acres

The historic 96,000 square foot abandoned Corbin garment factory, purchased by Coalfield is located in Huntington’s Westmoreland neighborhood. Coalfield is developing the property into offices, community event space, a food hub, wood shop, solar training center and work area for local artists. A significant decrease in neighborhood criminal activity has been noted by the City of Huntington as Phase I of development was completed with the opening of the wood shop and food hub. Coalfield Development, General Contractor.

William and Mary Queen

44425 Rt. 52, Crum, WV 25669

5,000 sq. ft/1.09 acre

The historic William and Mary Queen General Store, once the most prominent and beautiful structure in Crum, has fallen into disrepair over the years. Because of its historic nature, the Preservation Alliance of West Virginia has endorsed this project and assisted earlier this year with site clean-up. Coalfield has purchased the property to develop five affordable housing units and a community resource center, complete with a library and computer lab.

Fort Gay Community Complex

675 Court Street, Fort Gay, WV 25514

16,434 sq. ft./2 acres

Ft. Gay is an area greatly aided by the Wayne County Community Design Innovations (CDI), which consists of numerous community and housing organizations in the county (Coalfield is a member). CDI plans on converting Ft. Gay’s old high school into the Fort Gay Community Complex, with Coalfield serving as developer on the project. The school will be converted to space for town offices, radio station, classrooms for the local community college and a farmer’s market. The gymnasium and stage area will also be available for community events.

Lincoln County Business Development
and Entrepreneurship Center

338 Sycamore Avenue, Hamlin, WV 25514

4,750 sq. ft/.25 acre

The historic Henson Building has a unique International Style design, is located in downtown Hamlin and was built in the last 1930’s. The property once served as a clinic and it has been conveyed by locals that many women actually gave birth to their children in the building. The center will be home to a shared work space, barber shop, coffee shop and agricultural packing center for local farmers. The upper floor will be an Airbnb, the first lodging ever located in Lincoln County.

Big Ugly Community Center

15 Rosewood Road, Harts, WV 25524

7,246 sq. ft./3 acres

The Big Ugly Community Center served as a public elementary school that closed due to consolidation in 1993. Before the implementation of the Center’s community education and vocational training programs in 1995, the school sat vacant and suffered from vandalism. The Big Ugly Community Center is a SEED partner that is transforming the economic future of the southern West Virginia by providing an average of seven full time and fifteen part time jobs per year on site, serving as the monthly training and year round coaching site, annually, for another 60 community education workers and 50 national service volunteers, and providing entrepreneurship, community education, health promotion, disaster relief training, and leadership opportunities for another 90 children and youth and 200 of their family and community members each year. Funding is currently being sought to proceed with an energy efficient rehabilitation of the building.

New Town Development and Timber Frame House

Miner Mountain, WV

1,800 sq. ft./20 acres

In 2017, Revitalize Appalachia finished building a two story, three bedroom home in Mingo County. A partnership was developed with the Mingo County Redevelopment Authority to build the home that will be sold by the Redevelopment Authority. This timber frame home is built on a reclaimed strip mine.

Other areas of the abandoned strip mine are planned to be developed into a Health and Wellness Center, along with other new home sites and a venue for special functions. The major selling point is the fabulous 360 ̊ views.

Williamson Health Innovation HUB and Hostel

Williamson, WV 25661

4,000 sq. ft./1 acre

Rehabilitation is currently occurring on a four story brick building to create a hostel and shared bunk space that will serve as living quarters for vistas, interns and other volunteer groups. In the twelve months, the Williamson Health and Wellness Center has created over 34 permanent jobs, retrained and employed over 20+ displaced coal miners in green construction technologies and incubated several local businesses – including a restaurant that purchases over 50% of their fresh produce from the local Farmers Market. Coalfield Development, General Contractor.

22 Mine Road

1250 Hollyridge, Delbarton, WV 25670

200 acres

A partnership with the Mingo County Redevelopment Authority to lease acreage on a reclaimed strip mine has allowed for various agricultural implementations. From raising chickens, pigs and goats to populating the land with plantings of elderberry, blackberry, pawpaw and many other items for consumption have occurred. Efforts continue to expand the amount of acreage used on a daily basis.

Huntington House

1117 17th Street, Huntington, WV 25702

1508 sq. ft./1 acre

A partnership with Huntington National Bank has commenced to build a three bedroom single family home. The Huntington, West Virginia, site has been purchased by a low income household and ground breaking will occur Spring 2018. Coalfield Development, General Contractor.

Village Renew-All Antique Mall

608 & 610 West 14th Street, Huntington, WV 25704

5,100 sq. ft./1 acre

The Village Renew-All Antique Mall is a shared venture that will permit not only the continuation of consigner sales, but also the revitalization of another property located on the west end of Huntington.

Wild Ramp

West 14th Street, Huntington, WV 25704

3,600 sq. ft/1 acre

The Wild Ramp was constructed on the west end of Huntington and provides the Huntington area with fresh produce and poultry for purchase. Coalfield Development, General Contractor.


100,000 sq. ft.

The deconstruction projects have occurred in various areas of the state of West Virginia. Coalfield has successfully addressed over 100,00 square feet of abandoned property issues.