Coalfield Development Team Member

Meet Luke Wright

Luke Wright, originally from “Out Wayne,” is the Manager of Deconstruction for Coalfield Development. He has had many lucrative careers from EMT, CNCC Machinist, and Millwright. He also owned his own wood shop and successful construction business to pay his way through college. He then expanded south to project management of new commercial construction only to return due to being displaced from his home by Hurricane Katrina. Luke grew up traveling the United States during most of the summers in his childhood. Luke has an eclectic personality – he likes loud cars, teaching others new skills to provide for themselves and their families, and to relax, he paints tiny toy soldiers. His favorite saying is one he learned from our CEO, Brandon Dennison: “The Edge of Speed: to push ourselves right to the brink of catastrophe where we can realize our true potential. And sometimes we crash, but then, we are able to learn our limitations.” Luke says, if you’re gonna go, go all out!