RECLAIM Appalachia

Reclaimation, Remediation, Re-use

Improves environmental remediation practices and policies

Reclaim Appalachia, in operation since 2013, salvages building materials from abandoned and dilapidated buildings. It hires unemployed people to re-use, re-sell, and re-cycle the deconstructed materials, thus keeping the materials out of landfills. All proceeds from re-sales are put back in to job training

Remediates abandoned and dilapidated properties sustainably

To overcome environmental contamination challenges encountered in old buildings Reclaim has developed a remediation curriculum which includes water, soil, and air sampling skill-sets as well as asbestos and lead abatement. These skill-sets are put to use reclaiming and redeveloping former mine lands.

Converts former mine lands into community and economic assets

Former mine lands constitute a major land-use and environmental problem for the region, and a trained workforce is needed to convert this problem in to an opportunity. Reclaim Appalachia has prevented over 450,000 square feet of building material from entering landfills that otherwise would have.