Coalfield Wins Diehl Family Social Enterprise Competition

February 3, 2015

Coalfield is honored to have been accepted as part of the 11 finalists in The Diehl Family Social Enterprise Competition and awarded a total of $55,000 in funds.  The funds will be used to support Reclaim Appalachia, a subsidiary of Coalfield Development that will train unemployed young adults in the art of furniture design and crafting.  All pieces of furniture will be made from reclaimed materials from dilapidated buildings that QJI crews deconstruct, therefore keeping the materials out of landfills and creating beautiful (and useful) handmade products. Reclaim Appalachia will become a for-profit subsidiary, scaling up dramatically, and providing a permanent earned income stream to support transformational social change.

A new warehouse and workshop space is being constructed by Coalfield trainees to incubate this promising enterprise.  For the Reclaim Appalachia Social Enterprise, Coalfield’s goal is to achieve social outcomes related to breaking generational cycles of poverty while also creating an enterprise that is 100% financially sustained through earned income.

The list of finalists in the competition can be found here.

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