Coalfield-Solar Holler Solar Project Partnership

October 2, 2015

Coalfield is partnering with Solar Holler, a solar group from Shepherdstown, WV, to install solar panels on Courtyard Apartments in Wayne, WV. The installation will be completed by Coalfield crew members that are being trained in installation, and the installation will be financed through crowd-funding that's free for those who sign up. Those interested in getting involved can learn more at Solar Holler's website.

Many good things will be happening with this project: crew members are gaining new, marketable skills; Courtyard's tenants will see a decrease in their utility bills; and we will be promoting solar power in our area, hopefully catalyzing other organizations and families to also harness the power of the sun. For additional information on the project, see coverage from WCHS and the Herald Dispatch.

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