CDC Participates in Clinton Global Initiative

June 27, 2014

Coalfield Development Corporation (Coalfield) participated in the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) America 2014 meeting June 23 – 25 in Denver, Colorado to officially commit to its expansion into Lincoln and Mingo counties.

Coalfield’s mission is to be a community-based organization that provides quality and affordable homes, creates quality jobs, and generates opportunities for quality lives for low-income families in coalfields of West Virginia. Improvement in these areas will be the gears generating real change in Appalachia.

CGI America, in its fourth year, is focused on finding solutions that promote economic recovery in the United States. President Bill Clinton and former U.S. Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who will lead the event, engage leaders from a wide range of sectors to participate in the initiative by making commitments, which can cover a wide range of topics and use an array of approaches to best achieve their established goals.

At CGI America, Coalfield formally committed to the expansion of its Quality Jobs Initiative (QJI) into Lincoln and Mingo counties, tripling the scope of its effectiveness. QJI, Coalfield’s flagship program, provides high school graduates in economically-distressed communities with full-time jobs, training in high-demand sustainable construction and deconstruction trades, and mentorship for full, rounded lives.

The program has seen early success through the implantation of its 33-6-3 weekly model, which places participants in 33 hours of paid manual construction labor, six hours of core community college courses toward an Applied Science degree, and three hours of life skills coaching, which include parenting, financial management, and the setting of goals. 

In addition to its geographic expansion, Coalfield’s commitment will deepen and strengthen the life skills aspect of the 33-6-3 model by reaching out to new partners and improving life skills development for new QJI participants.

Coalfield claims its commitment with CGI America will directly impact 56 lives and indirectly impact the lives of 117 other area residents. The project is slated to run from September 15, 2014 to May 15, 2016. According to Coalfield, the commitment will create 12 full-time and two part-time jobs, make available $150,000 to be invested in small business enterprises, and invest $200,000 of new capital in green initiatives.

Coalfield is excited about its involvement with CGI America and will benefit from the partnership through exposure to other organizations, access to best practices, and additional networking, partnership, and business opportunities.

According to CGI, since the first meeting in 2011, CGI America participants have made more than 300 commitments valued at more than $15.3 billion when fully-funded and implemented.

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