Training and Volunteering with Coalfield Development

Coalfield Development provides opportunities for affordable housing, sustainable employment, and a quality life to the residents of West Virginia's coalfields. In addition to mentoring crew members, each social enterprise of Coalfield Development hosts professional training and certification opportunities which are open to the public, enabling hundreds to advance career goals.

Work-crews provide labor on community projects that create assets for local residents. Each week, crew members complete 33 hours of paid work, 6 credit hours of higher education, and 3 hours of personal development mentorship. At the end of their 2.5 year contract, crew members have thus gained invaluable work experience, earned an Associates Degree, and gained clarity on life goals as well as the personal assets needed to attain those goals.

Certain information is necessary for your involvement with Coalfield Development and its social enterprises whether you are seeking employment or would like to volunteer. Please consult with a member of Coalfield Development to see what forms are applicable to you. Below is a list of forms currently available online.

Coalfield Development Training and Volunteering Forms


1. Voluntary Participation: I acknowledge that I am age 18 or older and that I have voluntarily applied to assist Coalfield Development. I understand as a volunteer that I will not be paid for my services, that I will not be covered by any medical or other insurance coverage provided by Coalfield Development, and that I will not be eligible for any Workers Compensation benefits.

2. Liability Release: In consideration of the opportunity afforded me to assist in this Project, I hereby agree that I, my assignees, heirs, guardians, and legal representatives, will not make a claim against Coalfield Development, or any affiliated organizations, or either of their officers or directors collectively or individually, or the supplier of any materials or equipment that is used by the Project, or any of the volunteer workers, for the injury or death to me or damage to my property, however caused, arising from my participation in the Project. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, I hereby waive and release any rights, actions, or causes of action resulting from personal injury or death to me, or damage to my property, sustained in connection with my participation in the Project. I further release and forever discharge Coalfield Development from any claim whatsoever which arises or may hereafter arise on account of any first aid treatment or other medical service rendered in connection with an emergency during participation as a volunteer with Coalfield Development.

3. Photographic Release: I consent to the unrestricted use by Coalfield Development, and/or person(s) authorized by them of any photographs, recordings, interviews, videotapes, motion pictures, or similar visual recording of me.

4. Coalfield Development Statement of Mutual Intent: By signing this form, I affirm my support for the objectives of Coalfield Development as outlined in their Statement of Mutual Intent, which was explained to me by Coalfield Development staff today.

Please read the following statements. Your submission of this application verifies your understanding. The information completed in this form is true and accurate. I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above statements and the information regarding Voluntary Participation, Liability Release, Photographic Release and the Coalfield Development Statement of Mutual Intent.


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