Community-Based Real Estate Development

It is the mission of Coalfield Development “to support a family of social enterprises that inspire the courage to grow, the creativity to transform perceived liabilities into assets, and the community needed to cultivate real opportunity in Appalachia through mentorship, education, and employment”.  We believe that safe, decent, and affordable housing is one of the very first steps to a quality life.  If one does not have a proper home to return to at the end of the day, their role as an employee, student, or person in general is inhibited from being performed to its highest potential.

Coalfield Development staff are always scanning for more opportunities for mixed-use, mixed-income revitalization projects.  Rejuvenating downtowns can be a major strategy for breathing new life into our communities, preserving cultural treasurers, attracting fresh investment, providing opportunities for entrepreneurship and creating quality, affordable housing.  Coalfield is the current owner of three rural multi-family rental facilities.  Coalfield also operates as developer for revitalization projects that assist in empowering low wealth people and communities. Currently, Coalfield is developing five sites that will provide community empowerment space, commerce hubs, rental units and Airbnb rentals.

Moreover, Coalfield completes developments primarily through partnerships with other organizations.  We feel that relationships and partnerships are a key part of life and therefore heavily incorporate it into our development process.  With partnerships come diversified points of view, years and types of experience, and therefore a stronger likelihood that a project will succeed.  It is collaboration at its best, and we take pride in the many partnerships we have formed.

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We work with engaged citizens to develop transformative “brick and mortar” projects that convert perceived liabilities (like vacant buildings or former strip mines) into community assets such as new businesses, affordable housing, job-training hubs, and community centers. Creative placemaking strategies convert bold, ambitious visions into reality in and with distressed communities. This branch usually takes on projects many say can’t be done (whether because it’s too old and dilapidated a building, or too big a liability, or too blighted a neighborhood). The result, with much patience and commitment over a period of years, is transformational.

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Twelvepole Valley Apartments

Huntington, West Virginia

The property was an eighteen unit, USDA 515 property facing foreclosure in Wayne County.  Coalfield was able to purchase the property.  A total of twelve of the existing eighteen units have gone through rehabilitation, while the latter six were deconstructed and are being replaced with 8 new units.  Coalfield Development, General Contractor.

Goals for this project were for Revitalize Appalachia crew members to build a full scale apartment complex from the ground up and was a first of its kind project for Coalfield. Our crews learned advanced framing techniques, following plans and specifications and how and why it’s important building projects to the most updated and adapted Energy code for the state. Twelvepole Valley Apartments provides affordable housing to the area.

The Urlings Building

Wayne, West Virginia

The Old Urlings General Store, now provides the Town of Wayne with five affordable housing units, a coffee shop, along with offices for the Housing Authority of Wayne County (HAWC) and the Wayne County Family Resource Network (FRN). Construction efforts have been taken to make the structure as environmentally-friendly as possible. The property opened for business during fall of 2015. Coalfield Development, General Contractor.

Courtyard Apartments

Wayne, West Virginia

The property is comprised of seven rental units that are conveniently located near the courthouse in Wayne. The one and two bedroom units are home to low-income families. A HOME Funds grant of $242,000 is funding the rehabilitation of the rental units. Coalfield Development, General Contractor.

Victorville Apartments

Hamlin, West Virginia

The property is a twenty-four unit, USDA 515 property that was facing foreclosure. Coalfield was able to purchase the Lincoln County property in March, 2017. A Federal Home Loan Bank application for rehabilitation, in the amount of $460,000 was submitted in August. Coalfield was notified yesterday that we did not receive the necessary funding.

West Edge Factory

Huntington, West Virginia

The historic 96,000 square foot abandoned Corbin garment factory, purchased by Coalfield is located in Huntington’s Westmoreland neighborhood. Coalfield is developing the property into offices, community event space,  a food hub,  wood shop, solar training center and work area for local artists. A significant decrease in neighborhood criminal activity has been noted by the City of Huntington as Phase I of development was completed with the opening of the wood shop and food hub. Coalfield Development, General Contractor.

William and Mary Queen

Crum, West Virginia

The historic William and Mary Queen General Store, once the most prominent and beautiful structure in Crum, has fallen into disrepair over the years. Because of its historic nature, the Preservation Alliance of West Virginia has endorsed this project and assisted earlier this year with site clean-up. Coalfield has purchased the property to develop five affordable housing units and a community resource center, complete with a library and computer lab.

Fort Gay Community Complex

Fort Gay, West Virginia

Fort Gay is an area greatly aided by the Wayne County Community Design Innovations (CDI), which consists of numerous community and housing organizations in the county (Coalfield is a member). CDI plans on converting Fort Gay’s old high school into the Fort Gay Community Complex, with Coalfield serving as developer on the project. The school will be converted to space for town offices, radio station, classrooms for the local community college and a farmer’s market. The gymnasium and stage area will also be available for community events.

Lincoln County Business Development and Entrepreneurship Center

Hamlin, West Virginia

The historic Henson Building has a unique International Style design and is located in downtown Hamlin. The property once served as a clinic and it has been conveyed by locals that many women actually gave birth to their children in the building. The center will be home to a shared work space, barber shop, coffee shop and agricultural packing center for local farmers. The upper floor will be an Airbnb, the first lodging ever located in Lincoln County.


To support a family of social enterprises that inspire the courage to grow, the creativity to transform perceived liabilities into assets, and the community needed to cultivate real opportunity in Appalachia through mentorship, education, and employment.